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Welcome to our new Virtual Store

Our physical location is in Madeira (only 12 miles from downtown Cincinnati)  and if you travel from this page to the "About " you will find more information aboout our physical location.

I wanted to give you information here about the virtual store and how it will work best for you, our customer.  You are always #1 at   A Stitch Above.  We always want comments and feedback, so feel free to email at any time.

Lots of new website changes here- I apologize for any confusion.  There are currently a lot of listings in the canvas area that are not in stock, and we are working hard to clean this up.  Once this new website is up and running you will be able to see all the fibers that we stock on the site, and purchase same from the site. 

We will only sell Harper's from the site- and please read the note below-that still applies- however-our new Harper distributor has been much faster to deliver and much easier to contact and work with us.
What is important for you to know - We do not stock all that you see here- that would be impossible.  However when you order, we may have the canvas in stock, and if we do, it will be shipped immediately.  (you will receive an email to that effect).  If it is not in stock it will be ordered immediately, from the vendor, and this is the tricky part.  Each vendor carries their own stock of canvases.  Depending on their inventory, will depend on when we receive your order.  In most cases, the canvas will arrive within 2 weeks at the most.  However we do have a handful of vendors that are substantially slower than this timeframe for a variety of reasons. 
On our site under each designer we will give you typical delivery times based upon our experience with the vendor/designer, so when you place your order, you will have and have a good idea what to expect in terms of delivery.  There are always exceptions, and keep in mind I and my staff are always willing to contact the vendor to get an update on the status of the order for you. 

Also your credit card will not be charged until the order is received here at the shop and is ready for shipping.  That also means if we are combining fibers for a kit for you,  again, no charge will be processed until the shipment is ready to go.

Through out all of this process if you would like status updates via email, on a regular basis, please just let us know, out new site can set this up automatically to have us check and email you the information on a regular basis.