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Welcome to our new Virtual Store

Our physical location is in Mason Ohio (approximately 20 miles north of downtown Cincinnati)  If you need directions, we will provide those to you below, and feel free to call us at the shop and we can direct you to us from anywhere in the city.

I wanted to give you information here about the virtual store and how it will work best for you, our customer.  You are always #1 at A Stitch Above.  We always want comments and feedback, so feel free to email at any time.  We made this move to be closer to our customers. 
Fibers on the website We will focus on growing a large fiber stock which will continue to be enhanced over time.  If there is a fiber that you have been looking for check with us, we may have in on our plan to stock, list - or we may add to that list for you..  With all special orders we will require a deposit that is non refundable.

Canvases-on the website- We will sell Harper's from the site-as well as canvases that are part of our current stock, generated from Trunk shows, and marked down items.  
In regards to Harper's- we show the entire line- but due to the # that we sell we do not list what is in stock on the website.  What is important for you to know -   When you order, we may have the canvas in stock, and if we do, it will be shipped immediately.  (you will receive confirmation of your order)-.  If it is not in stock it will be ordered immediately, from the vendor.  When the order is placed we will receive some idea as to the time frame on your delivery.  With the Harper's this time frame can be narrowed if they have one in their stock.  If they do not and one must be painted, then your delay may be extended out to approx. 6 weeks.    

With all orders we will take a deposit which is non refundable. 
We will also communicate with you as to the status of your order as often as you wish, via email or phone, please just let us know what makes you feel most comfortable.

Trunk of Treasures Canvases on the Website-
these will be loaded into categories by type of item, (ie. cross stitch, then into categories such as with or without fibers, started or not, completed, etc.

Directions to the Mason Location; from the downtown area;
     Travel north in I-71 exit on Fields-Ertel Rd Exit #19 (I know you all hate this exit) -but take the new exit- the Mason-Montgomery North exit, which is the loop that puts you on Mason-Montgomery Rd. north.  Continue north, past the Hobby Lobby on the right, the Deerfield Twnshp shopping area with the Wholefoods and Dicks on the left, and the P&G on the right.  Next on the left is the strip mall with the Kroger and the Joanne's.  The next intersection is Socialville-Foster Rd.  On your right at that intersection is the Tide Drycleaners, then Walgreens, then UDF at the far rt corner of the intersection.  At this point it is best to be in the left lane.  The next light is Cedar Village Dr, here you will turn left, and you will immediately see 2 3-story buildings on the right that are red brick with the CMC logo.  Our building is the one closest to the lake, and the 1st one as you turn into the parking lot, or the one to your right.  As you enter the building, the elevator is straight ahead, and go to the third floor.  Upon leaving the elevator, go to the right, and we are at the end of the hall on your left. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU SOON!!!