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Monday - Saturday 11a to 4p

As always if you need us to stay later for you please do not hesitate to call as we are always willing to assist you as you do come first to us.

Dawn and Staff

As many of you know we have been located in beautiful Madeira, for the last 40 years..  As of MONDAY JANUARY 30TH 2017, WE WILL BE MOVING TO THE FOLLOWING NEW ADDRESS; 

                     7577 CENTRAL PARKE BLVD. SUITE  324-326 & 328
                      MASON OHIO 45040

This new location is off of Cedar Village Dr, which is off of Mason Montgomery Rd.  For those of you who have ventured up to see us as we are in our various states of construction-confusion....well today has been the turning point.  Our contractors have been wonderful, and fast, our only delays we due to the suppliers.  Madeira Construction, I highly recommend them, they are wonderful, and they put this all together for me in basically 3-4 days.  We are now unpacking and as you can tell hooking up cables and internet rapidly.  Keeping on-line sales going throughout this process has been a challenge. We will shoot for a grand opening on the 13th, of this month, but as of this point we will open a trunk show box Thursday morning from Susan Roberts.  This will be a very short trunk show, so if you are interested please do not hesitate on this at all!!
Our goal is to provide you with the friendly service that will help you make your needlepoint project perfect.  We also pride ourselves in having the largest selection of largest selection of fibers and beautiful canvases in the tri-state area.

In addition, A Stitch Above offers classes, in both a group format as well as one-on-one.  We are more than willing to work our teaching time around your busy schedule, whether it is day or evening.  Our classes run all year, and we try to schedule events that will help you have your project completed close to the appropriate holiday.  Stop in or call for a schedule of the next class.

We work with over five different needlepoint finishes, and three different belt finishers, all who are eager to provide you with the  highest quality finishing at the best possible pricing.    We are willing to have any customer provide their own fabric or custom cording. Our finishers are true professionals, who are in the business of finishing, (and not just a side business).  They have no problem working with the highest quality fabrics, cordings and trims. 

Our list of Designers and fibers is extensive.  We will link you to Designers for our hand painted canvases. Our fiber inventory exceeds 100 different varieties. With these two combinations we are sure you can find something from our shop virtual inventory.

We can also custom paint a canvas or belt for you.  Currently we can work with three different painters for this process.  They can paint a picture of you favorite pet, you child, or just a saying that you have been wanting to stitch for years and just haven't found the right time to put it on canvas.  Let us help you do it now!!  Maybe a few spring flowers around your family crest, or initial?? We can do anything that your imagination can dream up.  Let us paint it for you.

Once you have chosen your canvas, we specialize in helping you with the right fiber for your canvas.  We listen to your desires and can makes suggestions on fibers to help make that canvas beautiful.  There are always new fibers on the market that are wonderful to stitch with, why not let us show you how to use them. Our customers love what we suggest!! 

We can also help you with stitches on that canvas choice, or maybe it has just been a while since that last project and you need a little refresher.  We are here to help you.  We want you to have fun with your project, and enjoy Needlepoint!

Our hours are Monday and Thursday through Friday 11 am to 6 pm, Tuesday Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 11-5. And please remember we understand your working schedule and are more than willing to stay late, any day just call and let us know. 

Now a little about how the canvas and fiber purchases work on our site.  When you order a canvas, if the canvas is in stock, it will be shipped immediately from the shop.  However, we cannot possibly stock the thousands of items our designers have available.  On our site you will see a link to the designer of you choice, and we request that you then contact us with that choice so that we can offer you a price and place the order for you.  We will also at the time of the order, provide you with the expected delivery tine for the canvas, and we will also expect a deposit for the canvas as well.  This deposit is non-refundable.

Come and visit us at 7577 Central Parke Blvd.  Mason Ohio  45040