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WE ARE HALOWEEN CENTRAL- Fall is really Here!!!!

Well after a full weekend of rain, (and or snow) depending on where you are, the temps outside are beginning to remind me that summer is really behind us.  And that leads me into the next two items of importance here....
1.  The shop will be closed over this next weekend, from Friday the 11th through Monday the 14th, returning Tuesday the 15th.  (I am going to New Hampshire to really get my head into that fall frame of mind)
2.  And more importantly-the fall sale will continue, with more exciting news after my keep your eyes peeled to these newsletters....there is FALL FUN in the FUTURE!!!!!
3.  The windows and doors continue to drag on, dilemma, they had told us, end of September, and to no surprise to me (or anyone else who has had any construction done) guess what???, they are not here yet.  I was really hoping they would be completed by the time that I went to New Hampshire-wrong- but I have been guaranteed that they will do each of the replacements in a day.  So as many of you have noticed the window's are looking a bit sparse, due to the preparation for this work, as we have been told that we are the first on the list for windows. 

We are receiving new canvases daily, and the sale has been a great incentive for so many who have stopped in to take advantage as I have been unpacking boxes, from Zecca, Raymond Crawford etc.  Still due to arrive are ACOD and Associated Talents, Susan Roberts, and of course MORE Harpers.

That is all for now, folks, have a great week, stop in to see the new canvases, take advantage of that sale before the weekend, and if I don't see you before I go, have a great weekend, and remember, watch for another one of these next week, with something special!!!!!