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November/Holiday Newsletter


November Newsletter

Greetings, and BRRRRR, it is way too COLD!!!!! 

I will start this newsletter by saying I have the absolute best customers!!  As many of you know, we have been in a “construction phase” here at the shop.  New Windows, New Doors, New Website, (YES I SAID IT) and yet you all have been wonderful to wander in and through it all, still manage, to be here for the regular classes, stitching days, evenings and activities.  I love you all so much, you are great!!

As I was lamenting about my shortcomings of never getting a newsletter out regularly, one of my customers offered to add a piece to the newsletter, and of course I said “sure”, the comments below are what I was thrilled to receive,

“I am beginning to feel the primal urge to hibernate.  I try to resist the urge of nesting in bed until April or eating heavy foods and just wanting to totally avoid the blasts of frigid winds and snow of Old Man Winter.  However, there's also the anticipation of the beautiful colors and sweet smell of fall leaves along with homey aromas of cinnamon and cloves permeating the air.  This also means preparing for the upcoming family and friend get togethers typically associated with the holidays.

I remember the cold bleary day a few years back that I happened upon A Stitch Above in Madeira, Ohio.  I was greeted with smiles and hellos along with a barrage of colors from the many skeins of fibers and canvases that hung on every wall.  My reaction -- WOW!  My eyes widened and my senses were overwhelmed; I didn't know which way to run first!  The urge to delve into this new curiosity was irresistible and that same day I signed up for one of Dawn's classes.  The project was called Patchouli and it was a wonderful introduction for any beginner to learn several different stitches and experience the variety of fibers you can find in the shop.  The class was under Dawn's patient direction and watchful eye.  I highly recommend that anyone take advantage of Dawn's years of experience.  The woman is chalk full of knowledge for anything fiber and canvas. 

Ironically, I never associated myself with the ability to be "artistic."  After all, the artistic gene went to my family members.  However, I found that on these cold dreary days, when I say down with my needlepoint, I become one with my projects.  I could put any idea that I wanted with any type of stitch or any kind of fiber on canvas.  All with the encouragement of my shop friends...nothing is "wrong."

I further discovered quickly that walking into A Stitch Above was not only the start of many needlepoint projects but also a valued friendship with the owner, Dawn Rogers along with the many others who frequent the shop.  The women and men that I call my friends come from all walks of life; all very accepting of whoever walks through the door wanting to give needlepoint a try.  It is great to see everyone's beautiful creations that develop in the shop.

It's amazing that such a little shop could be so rich with friendships, learning opportunities and creativity -- or anything you want to make of the shop.  If you have given needlepoint a try in the past and for some reason set it aside, pick it up again and come into the shop and fill your fall and winter days with the people who frequent the shop.  There's always room around the table, always a story to be told or an opinion to be heard and of course, a new project to be stitched.”



As a shop owner, I still in awe by the wonderful group of friends that I have come to know and love that come in to my shop over the years.  You all are wonderful, and have much bright and fantastic individuality both in your stitching and personality, that you brighten my life each and every day.  Thank you all!!


Now, on to the details of shop activities, as there are MANY!!!


1.     NEW WEB SITE; - same address-but it looks really different and has lots of new features.

Over time it will continue to grow.  The shopping cart works much better.  Initially if you plan on picking up your canvas and/or fibers at the shop, please just avoid the shipping option and I will obviously know your intent and will hold your products here for you. You will also see differences in pricing between the shop and the site.  This is due to the fact that many of the vendors are willing to drop ship products to you directly, so we are able to take advantage greater discounts and then pass them on to you. Some of these discounts however will mean that you will need to order a larger quantity to receive the discounted price.  For example with neon rays, you will get a discounted price if you order a quantity of 6.

Also in conjunction with the site,  your card will not be charged until your products are here, so in the event that the canvas needs to be ordered, go ahead and order on the site, it will appear that your card is charged on the site, I have had the programmers set the site up so that the card will not be charged until the products are available for you, and at that point, your card will be charged for the items that you have ordered.  This may result in multiple charges, if in fact some items are available right away and some are needing to be ordered, as we will charge those in stock immediately, and ship, and then charge those that are back ordered when they arrive. 


We have always had Thursday evening stitch-in’s.  As so many of you know I came from a background where I worked a “9-5” (we all know that really means 7-7or worse) routine, so having an evening where someone else might provide a meal, where I could stitch for a couple of hours with friends would have been a dream, heaven, unthinkable….Well I am doing it.  I am asking for $5.00 per person to pay for the meal and drinks.

This week, on the 14th it will be salads, a Greek Salad, Fruit Salad, Veggie Salad, and some Chicken Salad along with drinks.  So please consider joining us, we would love to see you.

If you have never stopped in on a Thursday, or maybe it has been awhile since you have been in on a Thursday, either way, stop in, and join the group, and relax and stitch for awhile.  The regular Thursday group is great, and always open to new members to join in on the fun.  We will also have some additional surprises to add to that evening as well as our Saturday group, coming soon…..


January-Princess & Me

February-Charley Harper-and this will include an “exclusive” Harper never released before this show.  I have picked this Harper for this show from the Ford Times Series.

4.     FIBER UPDATES;     New Paternayan;   For those of you who LOVED PATERNAYAN-it is officially back.  I can special order any colors that you might need.  The colors are very true to original color cards, there are definitely die lots, but from what I can see these color match extremely well.  The product is a touch thinner than the old Paternayan, but it does not seem to have quite the same inconsistency of papa, mama, baby, that it did in the past.  It appears to be much more consistent across all three strands.  It is also a bit softer than the old Paternayan. Now the reality of the potential wait…..the company that is dyeing these fibers, is very busy, and is currently up to an eight week back log on some colors.  They are indicating that this will improve after the holidays.  So if you have colors that you might be wanting, let me know, I can put an order in for you know.  Pricing is the same at this point, 1.80 for a large skein and 1.00 for a small/mini skein.  If you are buying a large quantity, or full hanks/boxes, there are discounts that can apply.

Also there are new colors that have arrived in Vineyard Silk and Vineyard Merino.

5.     STITCHING NOTE/COMMENT; I was helping a stitcher the other day with a project and thought this might be of help to others, so here goes. 

When you are stitching with a “fatter” fiber such as Kreinik size 16 or even 12 on and 18 ct. canvas, and doing an decorative stitch or even basketweave, sometimes the process of the stitching on the backside can become so heavy that going through the canvas with the needle is so difficult that you need a metal thimble just to help push your needle through the built up layers of fiber.….(know what I mean)? 

Why not try, escaping from that “official basketweave stitch and move to that unofficial tent to make the coverage on the back less heavy.-You really need not be worried about coverage, as your kreinik will probably cover the canvas enough anyway, and you’re your piece is finished it will in most cases not be an issue.  I know the “Stitch Police”   will never forgive me for indicating anything other than basketweave is an allowable form of “this” stitch, but there are times when our fingers really do not need to be bloody with pushing that needle thru 2 inches of padded up kreinik or other fiber on the back side of our work.  Hopefully this helps.


I hope this have been an enlightening newsletter, there have been a lot of changes around here, please stop in and see the new look we have, and changes will continue, throughout the Holidays as well!!


Please enjoy your Holidays, either with family, or here with Us, and be Safe!!  And most important, please remember, you are part of this wonderful family of stitchers, and we Thank you all so much!!  You are all Great!!


Happy Holidays!!  From A Stitch Above