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Now if those two items don’t get you in the door, I really think you are… well get in here and soon before these items are gone.  And on top of the pieces that are here, I am still ordering in new items to re-stock what is going out fast.  For example, 2 new Harpers arrived yesterday!

Now for more details-Princess & Me, the trunk show for this month, for those that may not be familiar with this vendor, these pieces are small, humorous, come with a fiber guide and stitch guide.  They are great for travel as they fit in your purse, or I should say (my purse) or travel size bag.  The fibers are very interchangeable, so you will be able to use in many cases either what you have already or definitely the same on more than one piece.

We are also loading these little lovely’s on our site and they will also have the same trunk show pricing on the website as well.

Many of you have already taken advantage of the sale and Trunk Show as this place has been hopping since New Year’s Eve when we had a great party, which continued into New Year’s Day.  Now many of you might think that I should have been closed, (I don’t think so) however, what would I prefer to do-laundry, catch up on reading, well maybe, - I actually do that on those sleepless nights, so really there is no better place to be than here with the customers like you that are really such great friends as well.  We all had a blast. 

We have also had some great new customers that have joined our family this year and WELCOME to you as well, I so look forward to getting to know you better in this new year.


I want to also introduce everyone to Pam Thomas who has joined our family here at the shop.  She is here Tuesdays and Thurdays currently.   I met Pam and her mother about 2 years ago when they came in to take a class.  Pam is a very experienced stitcher, her mother was just starting to stitch and is now a very good stitcher.

 Barb is still here on a PRN basis, but is working more frequently at Wild Birds Unlimited in Montgomery. She is still however coming in each Thursday evening to stitch with us.

Cory still drifts in and out as the tennis racket allows her, and with this cold weather she is stitching with us more and more.

The Thursday evening dinners will resume this week and continue,  I will set up a monthly rotation that will be available here in the shop so you will be able know in advance what we will be serving.  This should help you choose if you want to partake or not.  Again the purpose of this is to give us all some (all I can think about right now is warm food). The original idea was for those who were working, to offer a meal on their way home, and hopefully some time to stitch as well.  This has been very successful so far, I am charging $5.00/person, which includes the meal and the refreshment of choice.

This Thursday will be Pizza.

Trunk of Treasures is full again, Santa decided that we were good children and filled the Trunk to the brim.  I have already received one piece that was sold from the trunk as a post Christmas donation, back for finishing, how’s that for a speedy stitcher.

I know I am jealous, I am lucky if I get one piece done a year….. the Trunk is always hungry and spring cleaning is always around the corner.

For anyone that is not familiar with the Trunk-those of you that are new to our family, the Trunk of Treasures is a system that you can bring in your pieces that you know will not be stitched ( they can be partially stitched as well, or even completely stitched if you wish).  You set the price for the item, and please put them in a clear plastic bag that will show off the piece.  I will take a small commission for tracking the piece, and holding your money for you. The commission scale is 5% for the 1st month, 6% 2nd month and 7% any month thereafter.  We are now into our third year with this project and it has been a huge success for our customers, with several earning into the thousands with this.  They obviously had some kind of a stash!!!!  But that is what this is all about.  Earn some money so that you can buy something else that you know you will stitch, or something entirely out of the realm of stitching, the cash is yours. I do ask that you check in with me on the status of your items, I am just too busy here to call those with money to ask them to come and pick up their cash!


I have also been contacted about the Retreat, so as an update to this, it is in the planning stages, and there will be further coming in the next newsletter.

We are also working on a class list, but I have a preliminary list currently in the shop.  This is also going to be available on the website.  With the exception of a couple of these, they will be taught most successfully on a one-on-one basis.  I encourage you to go to the website for further updates.

Also if you have not checked out the website lately, please do, it has changed, and is much more user friendly, and will continue to be updated regularly.  It has a shopping cart that allows you to pick up your items in the shop, which would also mean no shipping charges, and in order to alleviate this, just bypass the shipping charges upon check out and we will know that your plan is a shop pick-up. 

We are adding vendor items regularly to the site and it has been very active, so have fun and please let me know any comments that you might have.  You can do this on the site, or feel free to give me a call anytime.

Also another new change, check us out on Google- we have been photographed by Google, so when you Google us, you will see the shop in 3-D. 

Trunk shows

Currently scheduled for 2 next month-Charley Harper with an exclusive release! 

We are taking advance orders for this piece, so if you are interested please give us a call, to order the piece and yours will be in the group, when the show does arrive.

(There is a possibility that the Harper show may be pushed back a few months due to delays in getting the number of canvases that they need to send us for an appropriate show-we will know shortly.)


Kathy Schenkel

So, Keep Warm, and Stop in to see what we are all up to- save some $$ and court that Princess!!!