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Welcome Spring 2014


Well we made it,

What you ask???

 Through the winter, OF COURSE!!!!  And on to the next season of Trunk Shows….

As most of you know we have been deep in the Kathy Schenkel show already, and the Harper show is due to arrive no later than the 5th of May.  We are taking advance orders for all of the canvases, so if there is a special request please let me know as the one’s that arrive with the show will go fast.  We are hoping to receive a complete show as we have had in the past but we have not received word as yet as to the number of items that we will have with this show.

  In preparation for the Harper show we are starting a Harper Art Gallery of some fabulous pieces of work completed by customers.  Stop in to see the works, get inspiration and ideas for your next piece.  They are beautiful, and the gallery is growing daily.

Just prior to this show, however we will be off to market for our annual buying trip.  The shop will be closed early on May 2nd- Friday and all day on Saturday, May 3rd. Back on Monday for the beginning of the Harper show.

After the Harper show we will be receiving the annual Elizabeth Turner Show, (belts, purses etc.) and right behind that show will be the Halloween spectacular by A Collection of Designs.

So get you stitching fingers ready for lots of fun things to keep you busy right up to Christmas.

In the world of classes, we continue to have fun with Patchouli.  We are also looking at dates in the next month for the 3-D Pumpkin.  We have several requests, and it has been several years since we have done this class.  We do have examples here in the shop if you would like to take a look at a finished product.  We also have just received from our finisher a beautiful Halloween basket and several have talked about doing this as a group.  I have just received reduced rate pricing from the vendor, which will include fibers and the stitch guide as well.  It is a beautiful piece, pics of this one will go to the site as well.  If you are interested in stitching this with us please let me know so that you can get you order in and take advantage of the discount pricing that this vendor was kind enough to offer to us.

Trunk of Treasures- is full and overflowing-both in the large trunk and in the cross stitch trunk. (*But we always want more)

Spring Cleaning…I have also been very busy marking canvases down in price.  We have our own overflowing basket of mark down canvases.  If they have been here more than 3+ years they are in the basket, and I want them out of here.  So please stop in and help yourself to the goodies.  Also if you think I have not marked them down enough, let me know, I am very likely to mark them down more for you!!

Another new event that has been a wonderful success is our every other Monday evening KNITTNG GROUP.  We have so many wonderful knitters mixed in with the talents of our stitchers- one of these talented members suggested this group.  It has been a huge success.  And of course it is not limited to knitting. You do not have to be an experienced knitter, so please feel welcome to join, it meets every other Monday starting about 3 pm until 7 pm .The next get together will be this next

Monday April 28th. 

Also, a huge welcome to those of you that are new to the family of the shop, this may be your first newsletter.  Sometimes the frequency of this newsletter is hit or miss, but I try not to send one out unless there is something of meaning to convey, such as delivery dates of a trunk show,---Harper show we are still trying to firm this one up, that is the main reason for the delay in this newsletter to you all. I may send out two in a week, so….I have been a bit tardy, as the last couple of months have been very, very busy here.  Now I know you don’t want excuses, and that is not my goal here, things have quieted down a bit, so I am writing more.  It is also so refreshing to have warmer weather, and SUNSHINE.  I have beautiful daffodils and pink hyacinths on my desk at the moment, and that will put anyone in a good mood.

Also travels in the next weeks, our annual trek to market is upon us, we will be closing early on May 2nd and closed on Saturday May 3rd-goal here to get you lots of goodies at market.  I am still taking requests so if there is anything that you would like me to find for you, please do not hesitate to ask, that’s what makes it fun for all of us.

Also check out our website as I will change the pics here in the next couple of days/weeks to include the finishing pictures from this last delivery of items that have returned from our finishers.  For our newer members, this will show you the quality of finishing our teams provide to our customers and the great stitching that our some of our stitchers do as well.


Please enjoy!!