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August 2014 Trunk Show


We are now in the middle of summer I know it does not feel like it but it is also been so busy in here it feels like it should be Fall, both in the shop and outside. The last two trunk shows were great successes and now the one that just arrived is Elizabeth Turner which for those of you who are not familiar with the designer names-she is the “QUEEN” of belts and purses. I currently have over 500 of her belts in this show, all priced to move. The purses are also very well priced, just a little over my cost so that they are very tempting. They have also been kind enough to send beautiful finished examples of each of the canvas here, HOW CAN YOU RESIST????


All the belts will be priced at $75.00. That is a real deal. And to make it even better I will give you 10% off on your fibers for the belt or purse canvas, just like we did with the with the Liz trunk show. You need to purchase all of the fibers for the canvas at the time of the purchase to qualify for the discount.


These canvases will be here for the entire month, but please come in early as they are going fast. We have already sold a couple of purses and I have lost count of the belts already. Elizabeth Turner also sent examples of finished belts as well for you to see.


HALLOWEEN CANDY BASKET-update- these canvases have been ordered, and are on their way.

The Trunk of Treasures is full an over flowing both in the cross stitch and needlework area, so if you are looking for a project that is maybe not in my shop this is another area to look, prices are generally much cheaper that typical needlepoint painted canvases, and some of these pieces are beautiful, for example I have a Peter Ashe stocking in the trunk at the moment……SOOO some great deals to be captured???

I am also still continuing to receive canvases from market and pull canvases from the walls and mark them down, making room for these new arrivals.

The Ohio’s should also be on their way, I have been told from my supplier….as soon as they are received I will be contacting those of you who have been sooo very patient with my painter,


That’s all for now folks!!!