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Welcome to Summer 2015

Welcome to Summer

I promise I won’t take much of your time, many have been asking about whether or not we will be open on Memorial Day, and the answer is YES!!!

We may not be here all day-(that is until 7), but we will be here-the sale is still in force-and going great –if you did not see the earlier email, 40% off on all painted canvases- and 10% off on the fibers you chose to go with the canvas provided that you purchase the fibers when you purchase the sale canvas. Now on Monday this will change-I will do 50% off for that day only- and 10% off on the fibers. This does not include special orders that you make or have made, only what is in stock!!

Now the exceptions-few that they are-We do have a fabulous trunk show here-Kate Dickerson-( by the way -her canvases are bright - beautiful and have a great variety- geometrics- florals- pulitzer look) and I could play the typical games that others play and mark the canvases up to typical retail and then give you the 40%-50% off and 10% off on fibers- this is your choice- or you can have trunk show pricing- totally YOUR CHOICE

The only other exception is the trunk of treasures-as these canvases do not belong to me.

So do you want a great SALE!!! Or rain and thunderstorms….maybe or maybe not.


We will be here stitching, come and join us, we may have other goodies here as well.


Hope to see you, and bring in summer officially!!