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Summer is ending 2015

End of Summer Newsletter


First on the list –Welcome to our new customers, we have quite a few that this might be your first newsletter, so- for those of you Welcome to the family!!


This summer has really gone by too too fast, too much rain, and we have had Trunk Shows every month for you!!- So Here I am again, with another one, this is my every summer ending Trunk Show from Elizabeth Turner.

For those of you who are regulars, you know what to expect from Elizabeth Turner Collection, as they are the best for belts and purses. They do also have these great squares called “Teenies” for every school and occasion, you can think of. They have also sent us their collection of key chains, and some bricks this year.

The prices are as always great, as is the selection. We also have their binders to view as well, as these selections are going fast, so any item that you order from them will also go with the trunk show price as long as you pay for the item when you order.

The trunk show will be here until the end of the month.

“Trunk of Treasures” update-just as a reminder, please check in with me if you have items in the trunk as they may have sold and I may have some “goodies for you”. Also if you are new to our group- to explain what the Trunk is…it is a trunk –really- where you can place your items, they may have been started or not, with fibers or not, totally up to you, you determine the price, I will assist if you need me to, however you can tell by looking in the trunk what prices are reasonable, and what are not. Please bring your items in a bag, as I do not typically provide bags for your item. I do take a small commission for tracking the paperwork for you. The commission schedule is as follows;

5% if the item sells in the 1st month after you deliver;

6% if the item sells in the 2nd month after you deliver;

7% if the item sells in any month after that point;

If your items do not arrive in bags and are not marked with prices I will charge 10% for bagging and pricing your pieces.****

I do keep individual cards and sheets on all your pieces for tracking and you can contact me any time to check on a piece-the only caveat can be if it is extremely busy- I may need to get back with you at a later time to let you know what has or has not sold.

I can tell you that over the years, this has been extremely successful for several of our stitchers that have large stashes-and many have made great amounts of $$ with this trunk.


Class update-

  1. The 1st installment of the Pumpkin class in underway, and going well, this is a large canvas, and really the scroll frames have been more popular than stretchers. We have three in our Monday group, and will have another installment of this class starting later this month as well. If you are interested there is still time to join this class, we have finished models here to view, it is a fun piece full of decorative stitches, and we do have stitchers that are new to decorative stitching, so do not fear, we will help you through the challenges.
  2. We are also starting another round of the 3-d Turkey Class. Currently this class is on Thursday evening and would welcome additional participants to this class.

Please keep in mind that neither of these will be able to be stitched and finished by this years’ holiday season, but will be in great form for next year.


And that brings us to the next subject which is the finishing deadlines for our finishers,…..

Our needlepoint finisher is targeting October 1- this is for all things needlepoint, ie. Ornaments, stockings, pillows, any items that you want back by Christmas.


Belt finishing – that deadline is November 15th, and that does not at this point have the same level of “wiggle room” that my other needlepoint finisher has.


As all of you know that have been with us over the years, depending on the flow of business he may take things later than that cutoff date, but may impose a “rush charge”- or not, if her has not received the level of business that he expected- when you arrive with your items on October 10th….Then if you arrive with your items on November 10th, then at that point, you may very well have that rush charge applied. Please keep in mind that any point AFTER that October 1 cut off there is no guarantee, but we all will make every attempt to complete your items for you by your holiday schedules. When you bring or send your item in, please make sure that you are discussing with us, as to the desired timeframe that you want your piece returned so that we can meet your expectations for you. We do ship out almost daily as items are coming in, and my finisher will be doing the same back to me. Over the past five years, all items have been back within a week before the Holiday, and that includes items that came in easily one month after the cut off dates.


The most important thing to remember is communication. We will be here until you receive you item back, and if necessary that includes Christmas Eve.




****this is a new rate for the trunk of treasures imposed as we have been receiving a larger number of items that are not as well prepared for the trunk as previously requested. As we want to keep the costs as low as possible for you, we have had to incur costs to place items in the trunk, and as such have had to pass some of these costs on to the items placed into the trunk for resale.