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We have something for you that we have never done before….another trunk show…yes we have done this before,,,but not one like this…ok-keep reading

Pat from Needlecrossings will be here next Wednesday for all of 2 hours, 5-7 pm for a special showing of her canvases. She is from New Jersey, and travels with her show to selected shops.
She has chosen us!!! Yippee!!! So to welcome her, let’s have more than just her beautiful designs, lets also have some other goodies, like wine, cheese, crackers, and maybe some other goodies as well!!
We will also have special pricing on the designs as we always have on all trunk shows. On top of the canvas discounts, for this show, if you purchase a canvas, and purchase fibers for the piece, you will receive an additional 10% off the fibers for the piece on the night of the show. As many of you know we do not do the fiber discount with all shows, but it is a great additional discount and really worth it to combine both of these together.
She is bringing a wonderful supply of CASH AND CARRY items as well as a great collection of items that can be special ordered from her collection.
So in preparation of this great event, mark your calendar, check out her website and make your list-she has some great items that are unlike some of the wonderful pieces we have had over the last few months.
I know many of you are travelling or may not be able to make it on this one evening for this show, so we have worked out some ways for you to still take advantage of the show discounts.
If by some chance you cannot make it in for the show, you can phone in your order to me in advance of the show, and we can offer you the trunk show price-if this happens to be a cash and carry item, -here’s how this will work…
Customers that are here will get 1st choice-
If your requested item is still here after those that are here have made their selection, then I will pull from the group and hold for you, but I will need a payment method with your phone request. If the item is sold during the show, then it will be special ordered for you at the trunk show price, and again, payment method will be required at the time of the special order. At the time of the delivery you will be charged for the special order canvas only. Any items that you choose that are cash and carry we will charge those at the time of the show, and I will be holding those for you until you come to pick these up. This makes it easier for Pat, and her show transactions. So any special order items will then be charged at the time that they arrive, and any items that are being held for you will already have been charged.
Please let me know when you will be in, and please remind us, - that you will be in to pick up you order, and we will mark your order slip to offer the 10% additional fiber discount that will go along with the purchase of your canvas.
I anticipate that this will be a great show, with a lot of response; Pat has some beautiful designs, for all areas of interest. Please check out her website and plan to stop in and meet her and join us for a few minutes at least if not for the full evening of fun.

Any questions that you might have feel free to contact us at the shop.


Now on to other updates, the pumpkin class is going great, it is so fun to see more of these beauties developing around fall time. We also have another 3-d turkey in the works, and it is also beautiful..

Patchouli is the beginning decorative stitch class that is always available, and for some of you that are newer to the newsletters/classes; all my classes work around your schedule, so they can be a 1 on 1 time frame, or if you have someone that you want to take the class with that is great also.

The reasoning for this is that we feel that it is better for you the student-customer in terms of the quality time that is offered. Also in the process of forming a group there are at least a few that do not fit the time frame established of the group timetable, and then who loses out….you the customer…so we do not want that and therefore, we ensure that all that are interested really have the opportunity to take the class at a time that works for you!!!

The next class that is being discussed is a Christmas Tree, or a Christmas Wreath, we have 2 different trees available, a flat tree that we did a couple of years ago that will fit in a large tray or can be framed, or a 3-d version, that is available in 3 sizes, in either green or red. Either way it is guaranteed to get anyone-(even me) into the Holiday season.. Please let me know if you are interested and which one seems more interesting to you..

Reminder that the Trunk of Treasures is pretty full but can always take more, so if you are looking for some Christmas money, this might be the time to do some Fall cleaning of those projects that you know you will never…never…ever-do. They can be started, they can have fibers with them or not, preferably in a bag that will be viewable, and with a price to sell!! And please remember to check with me when you are in to see if your item has sold. I may have $$$$$ for YOU!!!!

Also during the last trunk show I had a couple of customers looking for Owl belts- if you are now receiving this newsletter, hopefully, the belts are here!!! I searched them out just for you!!