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Happy Mothers’ Day!!! to all of you who are Mothers, and

Happy Spring to those of you who may not be Mothers in my wonderful group of customers…

It does seem as if our weather really cannot make up its mind whether it will show us spring for sure or not. This morning it was in the 30’s here, and I really did not want to get out of bed!!!


I do however really enjoy looking out of the window here and seeing green grass, and smelling the cut grass and the fragrance of the flowering trees; that really lets me know that we do have warmer weather near.


The Trunk show here right now is Melissa Prince, and this is the first time for her wonderful designs. They are beautiful - she does a great job with a combination of 13/18ct for the same design, and she is a fabulous artist. She has a great variety, from wild life to humor-movies-inserts-coasters-florals. All with great colors, and many patterns in a variety of colors-same pattern, different color. Many come with stitch guides, so for those of you who may not want to take the time to search and search for that last stitch for a piece, she has come to the rescue.   Her prices are also great and her pieces will be here until the end of May.

Classes-we have 2 going currently. The Purple Palm trunk show in April had a canvas that was so popular we have developed a class as a result- the canvas is entitled “Cindy’s Garden”. A stitch guide is being written, and we can accommodate more students if you are interested. The canvas is $425.00 plus the cost of your fibers. We are also continuing with Patchouli, as always, and this class is $125.00 + fibers. Cindy’s Garden will be on Wednesdays and Patchouli is usually an individual class worked around your schedule. However if you prefer a group setting, we do have a group forming that will be meeting on Friday am, so get in contact with us and you can join that group.

Trunk of Treasures is FULL- with some of the best selection of canvases that I have seen since its inception. We also have a collection of stretchers from several stitchers, and a collection of hoops as well. For those of you in the cross stitch arena, we do have linens available that are cheap; I had them priced as larger pieces, however I am now going to cut them to the size of an average cross stitch piece and sell them to get rid of them. That means I want them out of here, so they will be really cheap-like $1-2.00/each…..if you want bigger pieces, I would suggest that you come in sooner rather than later, so that you get to these prior to my cutting them up. And that brings up my next subject, which is fabric in general…..

As many of you know, we have basically a fabric shop in the back room that we have used over the years to supply fabrics for your projects as they go to the finisher. Well I would like that fabric to go away as well, so I am offering to you, pieces of the fabric for finishing that you might be doing yourself or having others do for you. These ornament size pieces –– no matter what fabric it is, velvet, moiré, silk, etc. - we will sell for $1.00 each. If we are finishing items for you, we do not charge for the fabric, but if you are doing your own finishing, or someone else is, check out what we have here. It may be a whole lot cheaper than the fabric store, and you won’t have lots of fabric left over when you are done.

As of right now, we probably have close to 30 colors of velvet, and 40 colors of moiré, and 20 colors of corduroy, 10+ colors of silk, and 50+ colors of cotton in a variety of patterns.

We do have finishing deadlines from our finisher already, it has moved up to September 1 for Christmas finishing. Belt deadline will be November 1. We are already doing a lot of stockings and ornaments and they are coming back looking fantastic.

Fiber Bags-these have been a HUGE HIT-and are going fast. We have just made up more of your favorite color selections.

As you have been so positive about how much you love what we have been doing with these changes we may do more here. We have added the new fiber Capri in 13 and 18 ct. and it is going over very well. We are adding Planet Earth Wool to our line as well.

Most of these additions and changes have originated from your suggestions and over the next few months, we are planning on other changes as well. We love your suggestions, so keep them coming.

Watch for out next newsletter, in a few weeks,