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End of Summer 2016

                                           Fall Newsletter-2016


September is here, and I am so not ready for fall. I personally love the summer months. I love the pool, golf, and all the wonderful summer fresh veges. We have been dining on fresh tomato’s & cheese, mixed with fresh basil all summer long, and I really do not want that to come to an end.

We have the BB Designs Trunk show here now. I love Sally’s designs. One thing that she adds to many of her canvases, are pictures of the finished products- which even if you may not use these suggestions, they offer great ideas for all of us. She has belts, seasonal patterns, and lots of small to medium sized canvases. They are all full of color and whimsical patterns.

For the balance of the year we have Kate Dickerson, Charley Harper, Pippin, and a few others to temp your stitching palate.

Trunk of Treasures-The Trunk is quite full, so for anyone looking for a great price on a HUGE selection of items we have them. We have actually started pulling items out of the trunk and placing them on one of the flip frames to display them and help them sell. These are like the sale of sales- really great deals-some may have been started, but OK for $5-10. -if it is not your color choice-you can rip it out-we all know how to do that I know…

Finishing Dates-We have passed the deadline for finishing of ornaments and stockings for this year. My previous email indicated a Sept 1 cut off for these items. Belt finish deadline is November 1.

If you still have items for finishing –Ornaments and stockings-you may bring them in- we will contact the finisher prior to shipping-to confirm that he can still take the item. At this point he will likely be charging a late fee.

Regarding Belts-the typical belt width is approximately 1 ¼-1 ½ in wide. When the finisher is completing this process they will turn the canvas as little as possible, however this may mean up to two rows top and bottom. To avoid losing what may be valuable pattern in this process we have the following 2 suggestions for you in the process of your stitching;

  1. You may choose to add an extra 2 rows top and bottom to ensure that your original pattern on the belt remains in tact.
  2. You may add a belt binding stitch, which will also take up the same number of rows, and protect the pattern of the belt. This stitch is available in the needlepoint book- what we call the “bible” pg. 450 and 451 of the newest edition. Directions for this stitch are also available on U-Tube and we will be teaching this as a class in the near future. If you have interest in this as a class please let us know as well as your availability, and we will record this and let you know as soon as we begin this scheduling.

We have also received the newest Harper’s- as well as the new Harper ornaments. We are in the process of adding these to the website. There are 25 new Harper’s plus the new ornaments. They are flying out here as quickly as we get them in. We do have pictures here for you to review-we can special order the canvas in for you.  Also one of the new wonderful things with the new distributor for the Harper’s is – when we order- with most all the orders they are coming in so much faster than in the past. We may be waiting weeks rather than the 6 months plus of the past. They have been wonderful to work with.

So now that the Fall season is right around the corner, we are all starting to think about all the spare time we are going to have to …..STITCH…..right. So what are you stitching on that is different than in your past, have you learned new techniques ?? What do you want to do differently in the new year??

A large group of us here are doing counted pieces. If you are fan of counted pieces- designers like Kurdy Biggs of Threedles, Kathy Rees of Needle Delights, and Debbie Rowley of DeeBee Designs to name a few. The math in these pieces is interesting and challenging to many of us, and the results are beautiful.

With the change in the seasons, this also means changes in hours as well, and for this next week, opening time will also change slightly, in that we will not be here earlier than the official opening of 11am. Other than that time change we will be here until 5pm during the week, and 7pm on Monday and Thursday-provided our usual stitching groups are here.

If you are looking for stitching groups to join, we have them here. We would love to have you join us on one or more of these days. We are stitching different projects on many of these days, or on some days, we are stitching just anything that we want, just getting together just to stitch.

Following is the list of groups that are stitching here regularly;

  1. Monday after lunch
  2. Monday evening
  3. Tuesday am
  4. Wednesday day
  5. Thursday evening
  6. Friday am
  7. Saturday all day

Classes and lessons;

We are always teaching Patchouli-this is the beginner class that is always taught one-on-one. Please stop in for more details.

We will also offer individual stitch instruction and stitch guides for $25.00 / hour. This is if you are having difficulty picking stitches for your pieces and need assistance choosing which stitch to put where. We can help you pick the stitches for your piece and get you started with the stitch that will work best for that piece. This is a pre-scheduled time frame instruction.

New Fibers for the fall;

Planet Earth-one of our favorites has a new line of overdyes in the Planet Earth Silk Pepper Pot and Wool lines, and we also have new colors arriving in Vineyard silk and wool as well.

The new line of Capri and Entice from Rainbow Gallery are also a big hit.

So lots of new things to "Entice" us into new canvases .....check them out.....