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Fall Newsletter-and New Trunk Shows Arriving




Fall seems like it does not want to arrive too fast around here. In past years we would have been deep into fall colors by now, and well into those frosty mornings. I am still seeing people enjoying their tops down, and yes those golf courses are really busy still, late into the evening…

Our current trunk show is Kate Dickerson, and it is so perfect for those of us who are really not ready for fall, her colors are bright, and wonderful, they are fitting for the weather out right now, giving us that last little lift of a late great warmth before that cold might creep in. We do have in honor of Halloween, a great stand up WITCH for those of you who might want a wonderful addition to your collection. She would make a great piece to place on that porch for your trick or treeters - and she would not scare them away- she has a friendly face, cute black cat at her feet- wonderful turned up boots, “ “stripey” leggin’s and she is holding her own pumpkin. Just think of how you could make it glow with some of the wonderful fibers that we have available.

We do also have a great collection of the “Herend”-style bunnies, horses, hippo’s, teddy bears, in wonderful colors and sizes. We also have a great collection of her Kate’s whales, and with the popularity of vineyard vines and their logo, these have been very popular already…Kate has sent her binder with suggestions, and it shows the whales being finished as bricks-door stops-/book ends-great idea for a new shape!!! Her binder also gives us stitch guides for those of you who need those stitch suggestions..

Kate’s Lilly color’s in a variety of pillow’s, ornaments, phone cases, were also a huge hit last show, and they I am sure will be again. Her other huge success is the ribbon patterning – again in a wide array of patterns, colors and sizes. They are beautiful.

She also has great sayings, - as customers are coming in and going through the pile of sayings I hear them commenting –“Oh-this one is good for…..or for….” So- no excuses, I am sure YOU are one of the ones they are talking about and you are probably missing out, by not stopping in.   Whatever you fancy…hobby, it is here either in a saying or in a design. We have from horses, to tea, to hearts, to different languages, all on the same canvas. You name it Kate has put it on a canvas- all in beautiful color!!!  and We are also offering a 10% discount on fibers that are purchased with your Trunk Show canvas-provided you purchase the fibers at the time of the canvas purchase.

Next topic…..Gift giving is right around the corner-we do have gift cards available-and if you are not sure what to give-they come in handy, and they never expire. Please make sure that you get a gift receipt with the card, so that you do not run into the situation with the card being turned in, and it has potentially no value. It has happened in the past, rarely, but it has happened. We do try to set the card up in the name of the recipient, but sometimes when it gets crazy in here, it might get missed, so the receipt is you insurance that the value that you purchase is actually on the card. We are also always willing to double check the value on the card for you at any time.

Trunk of Treasures is again very full, and over flowing to the point that we have dedicated the first flip frame to the Trunk. We have right now a great collection of pieces, there are those of you who love Petei pieces, - we have them as well.. In the trunk that is and on the flip frame. We also have right now some wonderful Cross Stitch Samplers-for all of you who call me asking for cross stitch and in the past I have said we do not carry Cross Stitch-well right now I have more cross stitch than I know what to do with. These are fabulous pieces, most with both fibers and linen included. I will also be listing as a special order item- on the new website- for you cross stitchers- the ability to order linen’s in the future.

Website-next item on the agenda-our site is again being updated. It seems like we just did this….But it was actually 6 years ago….We are in the process of having everything that is in the shop migrated to the Website. So during this time of transition, please be patient with us, and any questions that you might have, please give us a call.

The only canvases that we will show and ultimately sell on the site directly-are Charley Harper's.-The reason for listing the Harper’s is due to the large number that we sell.

We will have links to all our favorite Designers, and you can go directly to the Designer’s site, and then contact us, with your request and we will be more than happy to price the item for you, and then place the order. The main reason for this change is this; the maintenance involved to keep up with the changes in the Designer’s pricing, and individual changes made to the inventory by the Designer’s that we work with is an enormous task. We felt it more efficient to just link directly to the actual Designer, where you would find the most current and accurate information at all times. You can record the item number that you are interested in, and we will be more than happy to get you the price and place the order for you.

We will have all our fibers listed by type- then vendor. (Any questions or comments are encouraged)

We are currently working on getting all the fibers out on the site, in an organized fashion, with all the pics, and pricing. This may take us some time to get completely organized the way it appears most efficiently-but we will get there.  As all of this occurs, I would like to also inform everyone of a bit of a change internally as you special order items.  When you order on the website, the system will automatically charge as the order is processed (this is another reason that we do not list all the designers on the site, as we could not guarantee -and if you were being charged up front - it could be a mess- if the canvas was not available).  So therefore in the shop - this policy will work the same- if you are special ordering, we will be charging your order upon your request.  We already do this with most items - and in the case of much of the finishing it works this way as well.  Where the finishing price is not completely known it will work the same as before with a deposit which will be credited towards your final price.  Our new computer system will automatically make this much smoother and will credit this automatically, with both the special order items and finishing items, so in the long run - it will be a smoother system. Any specific questions that you might have, please feel free to ask, as they might be quite a few as these systems transition.

Trunk Shows over the next 2 months; We have also just received the Birds of a Feather Trunk show, so we are full of wonderful artists to view.

         Next up are  Charley Harper and Pippin  !!!!


Final note, next week- Wednesday-October 19-Saturday- October -22, the shop will be closed.

Enjoy this wonderful weather- and stop in to see these great canvases from Kate and the group of Birds that are Flocking together.