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January means new HARPERS>>

For many of you, the NEWS of the new year is already out, we are having a Sale!!!-canvases are 50% off and fiber are 20% off- the reason for the sale, other than they are great fun…. As many of you know, we are MOVING the shop!!!!-(only exceptions to the are trunk of treasures)

So for the address and directions there will be more below, and the website will also have directions as well.

New Trunk of Treasures procedures will go into place with the move as well. Here is how that will work;

Your pieces will be photographed and placed on the website. I will photograph the canvas as well as fibers and stitch guides that may be with the canvas. I will also indicate if the piece has any stitched area, etc. This will be additional cost for us, and as a result my fee for these will also increase to 10%.

This idea came from shops in the Fla. area, and their sales success rate with this process has been very high, so I thought this would be a great way to move more of these items for you. This will go into effect as of the 2/1/2017 move date, and if you would rather that your pieces not be included in this change, please just give me a call, and I will not include your items in online method of sale.

Another option is if you choose; you may pick up your items and sell on your own, on ebay, or other online channels. This is totally up to you. The last day to pick up your items prior to our move will be Wednesday January 25th. At that point they will be packed and moved and then the new process starts. If you have any questions or comments about this, please feel free to give me a call.

Questions you might have about the move…….

  1. Effective date; will be 2/1/2017- this date is subject to change-we may be there sooner,- due to construction underway at the new location. IF there is a major change I will send out another email.
  2. I am thinking you might want the address… is 7577 Central Park Blvd. Suite 326 & 328. As I have been explaining this to customers… as you are traveling north on Mason-Montgomery Rd and pass the P&G center on the right,- on your left you will see the shopping center with the Kroger’s and then Joanne’s.
  3. That next intersection, you will see a Walgreen’s and then a UDF at the right. Continue to travel north, (stay in the left lane) and the next street on the left –(there is a light), is Cedar Village Dr. Turn left, and proceed approximately 1/8 of a mile-you will see a lake on the right, and two, 3-story red brick office buildings. This is the correct location. The correct building is the one on the right, the closest to the lake. This sounds strange –you are thinking- an office location…but yes, this is correct, Suite 326 & 328 (third floor). The building comes with Handicapped Parking- Yeah, for my customers that need some parking up close, and also an elevator that works all the time!!!!
  4. Hours will be the same as of this point. (as soon as it gets warmer-you all know- I do love my golf…so at that point the hours will change.)
  5. For those of you who would be traveling more of a distance, please remember I can mail items to you, - (this is one of the large parts of my business).
  6. Another question I have been asked a lot is whether or not I will carry the same products or not, the answer is basically yes with these few changes;

-Fibers definitely yes and here is what will change- if it has been a good seller, it will definitely stay. Only one line at this point is being discontinued. Wonderful new lines will be added.

Canvases – We will definitely carry Harper’s.

In regards to other lines please remember I will always order in from any vendor, either individual canvases or a group, so that you can choose the one that you like the best.

And if you would like to see a group of canvases from a particular designer, we can have that group brought in- (mini trunk show- ie. Ornaments, mini socks, etc). We will still continue with trunk shows from designers that we have great relationships with.

For those of you looking for children’s canvas options, I have found some that will be arriving right after we move, they are a great price, in kit form, and in a variety of canvas sizes as well.

I have also found some fun new magnets, that are also on order, we always need that new bling in our lives..

We will also have new Harper’s arriving shortly-exciting new designs, I can’t wait!!!  I actually ordered 15 new designs today. And for some of you who have been waiting for that special design, I think it might be around the corner, not in the next couple of months, but maybe this summer…keep your fingers crossed.

So I hope I have answered your questions about the move, knowing me, I have probably forgotten some. Let me know what is still on your mind, I think this will be a great move, so many of you have told me how much closer I will be to you, and that is so great!!.

For specific directions you can check the website, but give me a few days to get the new address and changes loaded in there. If you have a GPS –have it route you, there are a couple of different ways that you can go-working with I-71 ( I will put that out on the web).

Wise ones always say “Change is Good” so if nothing else, we are cleaning out the back room and closets and getting rid of a lot, - and THAT IS GOOD!!! I have changed the book shelf by the windows into the freebie shelf. It only has a few items on it now, but it will grow- I promise you. It is the FREEBIE shelf instead of Goodwill….

Also if you buy a Harper, you get a Harper mug or glass free with your purchase. That includes those of you who purchases this last week on one of those crazy days, if you did not get your mug or glasses, please stop back in to get this before they are gone..

So to add to all this excitement, we do have new stockings, ornaments and new line of key fobs that are self-finishing in stock. These have special pricing, but are not 50% off of the retail price as they are part of a new line that are not my stock. Come in and check them out and I will explain the details…

I will send out another email around the 1st of February, or as soon as we have completed the move- and let you know- updates with new sale information, new products that have arrived and what else is new.