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Final Newsletter -Madeira


So update on moving dates and closing dates for moving- we are going to close this week Thursday, Friday, Saturday. For those of you who are my regulars on those days, you are more than welcome to come on in, but I might just put you to work. The canvases are packed the flip frames are down, and we are working to pack up everything else around here. If you have a framed piece here, and you do not want it moved, -Moving day is Monday.

Next Monday and Tuesday are moving days, and construction days at the new location. The phone # and email address will remain the same.

SO just one more day, of craziness, last day for the sale, last day to get your fibers, and whatever else you might need….the boxes are filling up and are everywhere.

Any questions at all the number here. 513-271-2712- .See you soon at 7577 Central Parke Blvd.-326/328


and more new Harper's to look forward to!!