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                                                                           HAPPY SPRING

            As with every move there are horror stories, and as many of you know, my move has not had many, but I have one for you now…Our wonderful friends at “Spectrum/Time-Warner” failed to turn off the service in Madeira. So as the bill arrived for the continued service at that location, they were kind enough to turn that service off for me, but guess what, they also cancelled the phone lines here. YEAH!!!!!.

Here is the solution until next Monday, if you need to reach me, the number to use, and I so apologize for the confusion, it is 513-486-1963. This number is set up to automatically forward in to the 513-271-2712 line, and that number will be back up and running with in 24-72 hours-per the Spectrum “gurus” HA!!!-don’t we just love them!!!

Email address is still the same. No changes there. I will send out another email indicating that the other line is back up and running, when they have it fixed.

Now a piece of good news, EVERTITES ARE HERE!!!!. For those of you who have begged ---we finally have these here. The sizing is a little different than in the past, up thru 18” the width is ¾ “ wide.  This makes the overall weight a little lighter.           After/above the 18” size the width of the bars is the full inch. Turnaround time on ordering is at least 2 weeks.  They will as always do custom sizes.  I also have the T-Tools and the tacks. 


Thanks for your understanding, Dawn