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April-phones are back

                              Great News!!

Phones are up and running again, Yeah!!! We also have some new Trunk of Treasures items that are here and being priced. These are some fabulous items;

Beau Geste, more

Samplers-most with the linen and either silk or floss

Rolls of canvas, linen, and silk gauze,

Damarj Nutcrackers

Knitting patterns and yarn-

Jean Hilton patterns

This is just hitting the surface, and they will be going out to the website very soon. If you are having difficulty locating them on the site, I will be moving these to the section currently under stretchers-to make this easier to find going forward.

Now to that topic-EVERTITES-I am placing my second order for these, anyone who is in need of any, feel free to call and let me know, what you need me to order for you. There is still a good supply here in the shop. I did send out 10 sets yesterday afternoon, so as you can see they are going fast, but I can order what you need. If you are not aware of what these are, give me a call or stop in, I can show you how they work.

I am keeping this short and sweet-lots to do here, - Love this space- it will be great when we get it the way we want it. Happy Spring- it is so wonderful with all the baby ducks and geese in the pond.