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First-welcome to all the new customers that have come in to the shop over the last few months,

You are now part of this wonderful “A Stitch Above Family”.

With all this wonderful Fall weather, we are continuing to change here as well. Sometimes I think I get tired of the change, then the cooler nights and mornings, revive me and give me that extra energy. I do so much love my summers, and pool side time as well. These days getting shorter, is not my favorite time of the fall. But the colors are wonderful.

We are continuing to change here, if you have not been here lately, the rooms continue to change. Here are a few of the items that are changing, over the next few months;

1ST and most important, we now have another suite-YEAH-WE QUICKLY OUTGREW THIS SPACE…. I know many of you have questioned why I moved here to the office setting-well there are a couple of reasons, you may know that the rent is much cheaper, utilities also about 1/3 of the Madeira location, and this space does accommodate the shipping very easily. In addition this location has opened up an entirely new customer base which is wonderful.

2ND-the flip frames are gone-So that room will be undergoing the next change-over the next few months. Currently canvases are in that room, as well as in the room adjacent that has the slat wall. We will be making more changes to those 2 rooms to display better the canvas collection.

The additional suite is primarily for shipping and storage, so most everything that we have listed on line is in that suite, ready to ship. If ever you are looking for an item here and do not see the quantity, please check with me, we may very well have additional quantity here in stock, in that location.

3rd-The next area of concentration for us-over the next few months will be the population of the web-site. As we are listing items on-line-they are also getting updated on the website, but the concentration of the data on the site, has not been the priority in quite some time. Hopefully this will begin to show some change as we begin to finally get officially settled from the move and all the internal changes post move.

Now for a little news relating to this weekend. The shop will be closed on SATURDAY only. We will be in Michigan, -50th reunion-for someone close to me, you all can guess-could not possibly be mine though… We will be back on Monday. No further time away until December-when we will leave here on the 22nd for two weeks.

In relation to that time frame, any of you who have finishing that is due to come back, close to that deadline, We will set it up to either come back prior to the 22nd, or it will be directly mailed to you, and I will get the cc information from you in advance for payment. I think the only finishing that will be a factor with this is that leather finishing with the latest deadline which is at the end of this month.

I have also booked a couple of trunk shows and will let you know who and when, as the time gets closer. You know I need to keep you in suspense on that….

So, That's all for now, enjoy this wonderful weather, get outside and stitch, and see you on Monday!!